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Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury

Dear Klaus,

From the beginning of you contact I really enjoy your essay very much. It was very essential for me to begin a new business.

I think it would help many other people like me who is very new to starting a business.

I hope you will help me continuously.
Thank you once again.

Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury

Big Box Brands

Big Box Brands

Hi Klaus,

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your books "How to import" and "How to attend Trade Shows".

These books have given me an invaluable insight to the world of successful importing.

The knowledge gained will certainly hold me in good stead to expand my business which is currently just focusing on "the sales agent" side. We will now seriously consider importing directly ourselves and make more margin than our usual percentage.

Thanks again Klaus, and I look forward to reading more of your eBooks.

John Wright
Big Box Brands
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Big Box Brands
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PRD Enterprise Holding Ltd.

Dear Mr. Hanke,

Webmediabiz is taking the words out of our mouth. Whether it’s for small, medium or big business organizations, Webmediabiz covers from A-Z the essence of importing the right way from Asia/China.

Especially the aspect how to approach manufacturers, finding the right suppliers and conduct business in China the RIGHT way, rather being stranded on the river banks of the Pearl River Delta or getting lost in North China.

If you are already importing goods it gives you useful hints and strategies you have to consider. If you are new in the field it gives you a basic guideline how to start from scratch.

In terms of Quality Control(QC) we, Datech Asia Ltd., can only agree with the topics consent and the information provided in the book. The sourcing of a product and a reliable manufacturer is the bottom rule for successful importing. Reliable manufacturer will meet your specifications etc (you can find more information in the ebooks).

Well, there is just one important rule before you select your products you MUST visit the factory or ask a qualified third party to conduct a factory audit.

We, PRD Enterprise Holding Ltd. (PRD stand for Pearl River Delta) have more than 10 years experience in Asia/China. For Importers who don’t want to be based in Asia we work as an Agent (because we understand our customer). Aside from this, we established a product development business for household appliances, Lighting and electric/electronic components such as motors, PCBs etc. (sales@prd-holding.com, www.prd-holding.com).

With our Daughter company Datech Asia Ltd. we are also a well known Quality-Service provider. We provide DUPRO (During-Production-Inspection), FRI(Final-Random-Inspections), Consulting and Construction Checks (sales@prd-holding.com, www.prd-holding.com).

All the best for your business!

Best regards

Detlef Beier

PRD Enterprise Holding Limited
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20A Connaught Road West, Hong Kong.
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STL Deutschland GmbH

Dear Mr. Hanke,
Who would have thought 22 years ago when we made our first combined buying trip to Hong Kong, that this fascinating world of importing would not let us go until today.

Obviously you were even more fascinated by it, because you made China your home for many years to come.

It seems natural to me, that you want to share this wealth of experience from working and living in China for such a long time, with others who are in need of it.

I had a detailed look at your new website and understand that you have put your heart into it.

Without exaggeration I can say that every importer, large or small, can learn something new when he follows your seven steps as you call it.

Learning by own experience is mostly an expensive adventure and I admire you spending a lot of your well deserved retirement time, writing books teaching others to make their importing more successful and less costly.

I strongly believe that your services will be well received by many importers around the world and wish you all the success for the coming years

Bernd Matz

STL Deutschland GmbH
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Dear Mr. Hanke,

Following your email, is very nice to hear that you spend very good time with your family in Thailand.

After visiting your home page, we had the pleasure to see a very attractive and positive site.

Taking into consideration your land-office business in China, we think that is very good action to use all your knowledge and experience to create a home page with advices and information about the business in China.

We believe that is very useful for who may interest, to get such a tool from a person like you who stayed in China for many years, learned the Chinese habits and day-by-day life.

Following our good collaboration, we are sure that your new activities will be successful as it was also your previous job.

Mr. Tasoglou and I would like to transmit our best wishes for the best success.

Kind regards.

Roula Galiatsou

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Dear Mr. Hanke,

I am very glad to hear from you since you retired last summer. But as I expect you are still working hard. In Germany we call it “Rentner im Unruhestand”.

Your idea to write down your 25 years of experience with Chinese partners is very helpful for companies who wants to make the first steps in Asia.

We started our business in China nearly 12 years ago. Without you as a competent partner in China, who understand the Chinese and German way of thinking and the different mentality of the peoples, it wouldn’t be possible for our company to be such successful as we were it during the last years.

Many misunderstandings, deliveries and quality problems, like you describe them in your different eBooks, would happen, when you try to start business with Chinese factories by yourself without the support of a serious partner company.

You describe truly the most important things you have to observe in China. By reading your eBooks you can comprehend all the positive and negative experiences you personally have made during your long time in China. All these reports should be helpful to avoid mistakes
and they may prevent to lose money.

For supporting us the last years I want to thank you and for your new ideas and business activities I wish you all the best.

Greetings from Germany.

Kind regards,
Marco Freund

Einkaufsleitung / Purchasing Manager

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Robert Thomas
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Amica International GmbH

Dear Mr. Hanke,

As you know our company is importing various products in huge quantities from China already. As we are always interested in the most economical handling of the indeed very different purchasing market China we found your above website by coincidence.

I really have to say that this website with its entire links appears clearly-presented and is well understandable. The information offered is most valuable for economical purchasing from China and makes curious to learn more from the eBooks recommended. The information as well as the services offered will help new comers, and not only them, to save money and to avoid risk as much as possible when importing from Asia. Even for handling of difficulties I could find valuable advice!

I would like to summarize that such a service and information package for import from Asia presented in such a clearly-presented design I never saw before!

Kind regards

Tamás Angel
Manager Purchasing Far East

Amica International GmbH
Luedinghauser Str. 52
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Dear Mr. Hanke,

It is great to have the opportunity to read your books about doing business in China written by a person who has a western background and more than 20 years of personal and professional experience in China. It is also very important to point out that this experience is built up on a person that has been living in this country for such a long time.

Purchasing in China is not a difficult issue. Anybody can take a plane to Guangzhou, attend a fair, get some catalogues and quotations and place an order. Then wait for 60 days, load into a ship with a forwarding company and open the container into their own warehouse. The difficult point is to make profitable business with Chinese manufacturers. There is when you need to pay attention to every single detail and be very professional on each step you make.

Your books point out all those issues and show how to manage them on a successful way. It will be very helpful to all the readers to show how Chinese business people think and act. It is also important to know that issues that we do not even consider when doing business with western countries companies can became critical in China. To learn all this takes time, mistakes and money, but all of them can be reduced with the advice of a professional business man that has spent more than 20 years in China working for worldwide companies helping them on finding their products in this great and unexpected country.

Reading your advices I found myself many times. I have seen on my mind the things you describe that could happen, because they already happened to me. It is very helpful the practical and experience-based point of view of your books, things happen as you say, they are not theoretical situations. Anyone who has been dealing with China for several years can find that your words match on their real experiences of the past.

Your books will be a great tool to all those people that do business in China to improve on many details and for those who are just starting to avoid most of the mistakes that we all have made in the past.

My best wishes,

Marc Solanas

Managing Partner
Lauson, S.A.
Pasaje de Aral 110, Z.A.L.

08040 Barcelona, SPAIN

Internet Marketing Angel

Hi Klaus-Dieter,

Your website www.webmediabiz.com is very impressive as it presents a wealth of practical information.

I'm sure that anyone who is a novice in issues related to importing to China will find your site and eBooks a tremendous resource and time saver in getting the most critical information and tips to achieve maximum success in this arena.

~Sharon Vaz, Internet Marketing Angel,

TEL: 21 994 81 20 FAX: 21 994 81 29
Rua da Costa nº.5
2695 – 030 Bobadela

Lisbon, 11th March 2008

Sub: WebMediaBiz.com

Dear Mr. Klaus Dieter Hanke,

We are amazingly surprised to see for the first time on the Web, a real guideline for genuine importers from China who, from all over the world will be able to benefit from your decades experience, only a click away on the Web.

We in Portugal, being a leading Importer from China and already having good guidance from you, feel now more comfortable to develop our Business with China, under your very timely Website, which will now onwards be much helpful to us.

We want to congratulate you for the initiative and hope it will the most successful one and will be decisive for vacillating importers really involved in Business with the far east. We welcome you and wish you all the best on your new endeavour.

Kindest and Best Regards.

Mahamade Iquebal Mohomade