I am confident that my eBook will help you to Settle Factory Claims In China More Successfully and perhaps can help you to avoid them altogether. After all, claims with Chinese factories are not inevitable when your company takes the right precautions on a continuous basis.

Potential factory claims are at times predictable if you monitor the production quality coming from your factories closely. Your newly established QC department (I hope that you have listened to my advice) will assist you and alert you when trouble is looming around the corner.

If you have monitored 4 factories over a certain period and one of them falls short of  your expectations frequently, get rid of it and you will have fewer future problems.

During the research for my seven eBooks I came to realize that most resources available to new importers primarily focuses on the easier portions of the import business. What importers really need is experience based advice about preventing claims against factories in China and if they do occurred, how to solve them.

I would like to express my appreciation for making it this far and hope that you will consider some or all of my other eBooks as well.

Klaus-Dieter Hanke