Chapter 22 – Talk to Your Inspection Company’s Management

If your inspection company overlooked the reason for the claim during their Final Random Inspection, you must talk to their management and negotiate for compensation. Since your inspection company is usually not involved in any sales activities and is not located in mainland China, it is easier to obtain a cash refund from them if you can prove their liability.

Inspection companies are also insured for cases of this type and considering the large numbers of inspections they perform for customers, mistakes can happen. If mistakes happen too often, you should consider replacing them with a different inspection company to prevent imperfect products from being shipped.

At the same time, you have to ask yourself whether you provided sufficient information to your inspection company to complete the work properly. If they did not receive clear instructions or samples, the fault may be on your own and they will take this position if you approach them for compensation.

If your company did nothing wrong, you should also discuss with your inspection company what actions they will take to avoid similar problems in future. It is in their self-interest to avoid claims because it would damage their reputation along with the financial losses.

I should also mention that sometimes factories successfully bribe inspectors to prepare a “Passed” inspection report for them. A nice dinner, some gifts, or some cash may help to convince the inspector to do them that favor.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for large inspection companies to investigate the performance of their inspectors on a regular basis and replace any “black sheep” as soon as they become aware they are not performing their duties in an acceptable manner. Do not take me wrong and begin thinking of your inspection company as your enemy because they are actually your best ally in preventing major factory claims in China.