Chapter 18 – Ask Home Country Authorities for Help

The local authorities in your home country may be willing and able to assist you in the claim with your factory. They have a very powerful tool at their disposal with the ability to blacklist suppliers that have seriously breached local regulations on a continuous basis.

If a factory has manufactured products that are a danger to the health of consumers or are even life threatening, EC authorities will prevent any further shipments from entering the EC territory until the case is resolved.

That is indeed a powerful tool because it will really would hurt your factory if a large order is involved. EC authorities can and will inform their Chinese counterparts. Once the two governments are involved, your supplier could be in dire straits.

Of course, this should be your recourse of last resort. It will permanently destroy the working relationship with your supplier and word of your action will likely pass to other Chinese factories. On the other hand, your business must survive and should not be made to suffer for mistakes made by your suppliers.