How to Settle Factory Claims in China More Successfully

The truth is that every importer will be confronted with a claim sooner or later and he/she has to be prepared for it.

The most appropriate legal definition of a claim, applicable to importers, is “the making of a demand (asserting a claim) for money due, for property, for damages or for enforcement of a right.” If the demand is not honored, it may result in a lawsuit.

There are various reasons for a claim but you will be mainly faced with:

  • Copyright Infringements
  • Patent Infringements
  • Non Compliance with laws of the destination countries
  • Major Quality Issues
  • Late Or Incomplete Deliveries

If you believe that this could not happen to you, think twice.

We have been working with Chinese manufacturers for more than two decades and really know how to avoid claims, but sometimes they still happen. And they can happen when you least expect them!

So what are you doing if you are facing a claim with a Chinese manufacturer?

In our new eBook How To Settle Factory Claims In China More Successfully you will get a wealth of information based on more than twenty years practical experience working with Chinese manufacturing companies.

Since claims are usually about very large amounts of money, you need to protect yourself from substantial losses which could endanger your entire business.

This book will show you how to take the right actions to save your money, and is essential for anyone importing goods from China.

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