Chapter 24 – Proceed to the Next Supplier/Factory Or to Your Hotel

Hopefully, you have concluded your evaluation and meetings in a timely manner. It is now time to go to the next supplier/factory or return to your hotel depending how you planned your day. If you have finished your evaluation and meetings with the first supplier/factory on time, you may proceed from there to the next supplier/factory to finish the day. 

Now, your trip planning should pay off because the next supplier/factory should be in the neighborhood and since you are familiar with the process, it will take less time at the next supplier/factory.

If you spend more time at the supplier/factory than expected and are still confident that they will be your new supplier, you may want to accept a dinner invitation or it might be more important to return to your hotel. You probably still have some homework to do.

Your home office may be waiting for your decision. Besides, a supplier/factory visit can be exhausting considering the change in climate and environment along with being in a different time zone. It may be a good idea to get some rest and start tomorrow’s factory visit reinvigorated after a good night’s sleep.