Chapter 1 – Why are Regular Business Trips to China Necessary?

Regular business trips to China are essential to maintaining a good relationship with existing suppliers and building new ones. Chinese culture favors frequent personal contact with their overseas trading partners and meetings at their office or factory is one preferred method. The advice and insights I share in this book will prepare you to make a favorable showing. Poor preparations can leave a negative impression about how your company conducts business.

It is especially true if you consider how far away you are from your home office. If you forgot something important for your meetings in China, it can render your whole trip useless. That will not happen if you follow this guide based on my 25 plus years of experience with international business travel and importing products from China to all the major markets of the world.

Considering how much money and time you have to invest to get there, you will probably agree that failed meetings or failing to achieve your trip objectives is not an option.

Do Not Do What I Sometimes Did, Do What I Learned

I have made these types of trips many times and have also learned by experience. eBooks did not exist when I began my career. In fact, very few people were even in my business. I learned many things by trial and error but it does not need to be that way for you. I am glad to share what I have learned. Both about what works well and what you should avoid that could lead to a ruined trip or failed goals.

Information Needed by Small to Medium Sized Businesses

This eBook assumes your company to be a small or medium size importer with an established customer base in your home country or a company interested in starting their own importing but lacking the necessary experience to do so. Thorough trip preparations will make your China business trip more successful and will also help reduce your travel expenses. My eBook provides you with the knowledge and information to achieve your travel goals.

Table of Contents