Chapter 7 – A Secret to Efficiency – Hire A Driver

I discussed that the factories will provide a car and driver for you including pickup from the airport. The problem is that you are not really the master of your time in this situation. Often the company drivers are not around when you want to leave and you spend valuable time waiting.

If you are visiting factories that are far away from each other, and value your time visiting factories, consider hiring your own car and driver. If the factories are closer together, you might get by hiring a taxi if you get stuck at one factory.

The low Chinese labor costs make it affordable to hire a car and driver for a couple of days. You will be assured that you can travel from factory to factory efficiently. Before leaving your hotel in the morning, have the driver map out the best route to your first meeting. While you are visiting the first factory make sure the driver has enough information to map out the fastest routes for the rest of the day’s trips.

There is of course a cost involved and only you can decide to spend the extra money for the convenience and flexibility. Now you at least you know that this option is available for you when visiting factories in China.