Chapter 26 – Concluding Your Visit

Depending on your goals for the factory visit you may end up with different conclusions. At the least, after two meetings and a tour of the factory you should know if this factory will make an ideal business partner.

If you came to negotiate a contract it should be signed by management at this point. You have come a long way and put in a lot of energy. You do not want to leave empty handed. Occasionally management will delay making a decision and tell you they will get back to you.

Do not fall for this trap. After you leave, it will be more difficult to influence their decision or they may never get back to you. They were well aware this decision was coming and you deserve an answer. If you determine you will not receive a decision, you have a couple of options. You can try negotiating a contract they will agree to or you can move on to another factory. Certainly, you do not want to leave China without having a factory lined up.