Chapter 23 – Inspecting Production Samples and the Packaging

This also only applies if you already have work in the factory that is currently in production.

If that is the case, be sure you take your time to have a close look at production samples and their packaging. If the production is in an early stage it is even better because if you find something wrong, you can instruct the factory to take immediate action without losing too much time.

Expect the factory to take this opportunity to bargain with you and try to nail down the level of quality you are willing to accept. If you find samples that do not meet your quality requirements, the QC managers will attempt to obtain your approval at a level lower than previously agreed to. Whatever you agree to now automatically becomes the future quality standard the factory will refer to.

The factory will ask you to sign a sample. Then they will keep it as a future reference. If you bring up a similar quality issue in the future, the factory will quickly refer to that sample and there is not much what you can do about it.

The answer is taking your time examining the sample thoroughly before accepting it. Remember, you are in control because you pay the factory to work for you. Don’t let them corner you.

If you must compromise on something, don’t forget to take a second reference sample with you. Otherwise, after a while you may not recall what was accepted and what was not. The same applies to the packaging. The factory may have used the wrong corrugated cardboard quality or made its own changes on the packaging layout. Be sure to look it over carefully.