Chapter 22 – Meet The Factory’s Printing Company Representative

This chapter applies only if you already have work in your factory and there are some printing issues to be discussed.

To make things easier, I like to invite the printing company representative to the factory so that I cut out the middleman when discussing quality issues or providing instructions or have special requirements. It is often well worth the time  to spend ½ hour with a printing company’s representative to explain any special artwork, new concepts, or a quality problems that has been encountered.

You are the most qualified person to provide the information. It is much better to spend the extra time rather than waiting until a bad proof arrives back home. It is much more effective than relaying the information to your factory and in turn they relay it to the printer and everyone hopes it comes out correct.

The same applies to other external companies such as a packaging manufacturer. Time might be getting tight if you have other factories to visit but keep this option in mind.