Chapter 22 – How Much Time Do You Need for Your Business Negotiations?

In one of my other eBooks, How to Settle Factory Claims in China More Successfully, I mentioned that you must reserve at least 2-3 days for serious business negotiations.

If it is not about high value settlement claims, you may be able to finish your business negotiations in less time.

A meeting, during which you want to discuss all the topics that I have mentioned in the previous chapters, will take at least 2-3 hours. If the meeting takes place during one of your factory visits, it is unlikely that you can finish everything in less than half a day or even a full day if you want to inspect the numerous factory areas.

You should use common sense when deciding how long your business negotiations should last. If after several hours of serious negotiations nothing moves forward and there is no sign there will be further improvement, you may have to call it a day and give it a break. If you really need to continue working with that supplier, you have to consider further concessions or produce more convincing evidence.

Your preparations for these business negotiations may not have been sufficient or you underestimated the challenge of your negotiations. Think of the “Thirty-Six Strategies” and do not give up the battle just because you seem to be losing. In such cases, it may prove crucial to look for outside help that may turn the tide in your favor.

A local consultant may be the solution for you. It is part of the Chinese tactics to delay their decisions if they know the exact date of your return flight. They know that you do not want to go home empty-handed and will try to extract further concessions from you to achieve their goal. Knowing that your case is not lost because a local consultant can represent you puts the ball back into your court.

Please heed my advice and try not to leave unsettled decisions behind. Chances are that they will never be settled after your departure. Make a decision, one way or another.

Think of “Mianzi” because you will lose your face if you go home without achieving what you wanted.