Chapter 15 – Selling Products to Your Customers

After executing all the necessary steps to get the production process going, it is the right time to ask your sales managers to get into action and sell your products to existing and most importantly to new customers.

Reaping the Benefits

Since you focused ample effort finding interesting new products at very competitive prices, your task should be much easier than selling in a crowded and competitive field.

At the beginning of this eBook I advised you to spent substantial time evaluating the market and specifically the future market and if you did your homework right, you can now reap the benefits from your hard work.

You are the expert in your home market and I will not give you too much advice about marketing your wonderful new products.

All major retail organizations plan their promotions months ahead and most buyers are very happy if they have something new to sell. Your selling price should not be a stumbling block, while still bringing you a handsome profit.

An important factor for your customers’ decision-making, besides the product, is the quality of the sales packaging. Specialized Retailers and especially discounters have continuously cut back on expenses for sales personnel, which means a product without good sales packaging (gift box) is difficult to sell. The more effort you spend to create good sales packaging, the more you will be awarded with larger volume orders.

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