Chapter 32 – Take Time to Get Out for Sightseeing

Although you may have a tight schedule you should plan some time to get out for sight-seeing. There is always a Sunday or Saturday afternoon when you will not have any meetings.

Chinese Temples, a Tram Ride, and the Star Ferry

Of course you could stay at your hotel room and watch CNN but how much more interesting would it be to see something  new in the city that your Trade Fair is located in.

In Hong Kong, you may want to visit some of the old Chinese temples, take a ride on the peak tram, and the famous Star Ferry. A ride on the old tram on Hong Kong Island is an interesting experience because it is one of the cheapest transportations available and offers so much to see during your ride. There are always the interesting museums like the Museum of Science, the Museum of Space, and the Museum of Art and History.

You may also want to do some shopping for your loved ones at home or for yourself. If you like Chinese art you may want to visit some of the Chinese Arts & Crafts department stores where you can find beautiful things at affordable prices.

A good shopping experience can be quite relaxing and broaden your knowledge about Chinese culture.

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