Chapter 30 – Input Vital Meeting Information Into Your Notebook Computer Daily

It is an absolute must to input all vital information from your day’s meetings into your notebook computer in the evening.

If you wait one or two days you may forget important details and the amount of information will continue to pile up. As I mentioned before, the most efficient way is to send your daily reports by e-mail to your head office back home.

Daily Reports Home

Somebody back home can begin working with your information. Your company will not lose too much time processing new projects. Remember timing is crucial for your success.

On the other hand, your business at home will not come to a stand still while you are away from your office. E-mails have to be read and answered.

In the past, every business trip to the Far East interrupted communications with customers at home in one way or another. Today, you do not need to seek out an Internet Shop anymore and can complete your work from the convenience of your hotel room. It maybe a little bit stressful but at least you will not have to answer 2,800 e-mails after returning from your trip and most importantly, your business at home is not negatively affected.

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