Chapter 23 – Collect as Many Catalogs as Possible

Collect as many catalogs as you can during your morning walk through the exhibition halls. You do not need to pick up every single catalog but certainly there will be many that interest you. Thanks to your brief case on wheels, you do not need to strain yourself hauling the catalogs around the rest of the day.

Why Make the Trip?

Why do you need to collect so many catalogs? As I previously mentioned, you need an overview first and will probably find new products other products that you did not consider in the first place.

By being flexible you might find the perfect product to add to your shopping list. Maybe something that will become very profitable for your company.

Try to avoid being drawn into long discussions when you are collecting catalogs. Simply take a quick glance at the products, but be sure you write down the hall and booth number on the business cards stapled to the catalogs, otherwise you may have problems finding that supplier again.

Study the Catalogs

In the evening or early the next morning before heading out to the exhibition center, you should study the catalogs and sort out what is important and worth another look. Adding these suppliers to your appointment list completes your overview of the Trade Fair.

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