Chapter 18 – Appropriate Dress

Attending a Trade Fair is not exactly the same as attending a high fashion business meeting but there are dress code standards that should be observed.

Jacket But No Tie

It is not appropriate to wear your favorite T-shirt from your last holiday in Thailand when you visit the Trade Fair.

Chinese people are not particularly picky when it comes to clothing but keep in mind the impression you will make of yourself and your company. Appropriate dress is a business suit or a light jacket with a collared business shirt.

Years ago, air-conditioners at the Canton Fair were not very efficient. Wearing a suit felt like you were in a public sauna. Fortunately, that has changed and today you will find the exhibition halls in both Hong Kong as well as Guangzhou comfortable.

Jacket and Tie

It is not necessary to wear a necktie when attending the Trade Fair but if you are invited to a business lunch or more likely to a business dinner, a necktie is appropriate.

Most of the Trade Fairs take place during the warm season. You will want to wear light clothes, especially when you are outside of the air-conditioned hotel rooms and exhibition centers.

The next chapter goes into detail about the weather conditions to help you make the right decision about the clothes you want to bring with you on the trip.

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