Chapter 12 – Train Bookings

Why do I have to book a train when I travel to China you will probably ask? Simply because it is the most convenient way to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou (Canton) to attend the Trade Fair there.

Ten Daily Round Trips

There are currently ten pairs of nonstop trains running between Hung Hom and Guangzhou East daily. There are 10 northbound trains and 10 southbound trains calling at Dongguan (Changping). The total journey time is about 1 hour and 40 minutes

This is actually the fastest possible way to get to Guangzhou. Going by car or bus takes at least 3 hours because you have to stop at the border and pass through immigration services on both sides, which is time consuming. Even by plane (much more expensive) you will not arrive earlier because you have to get from the airport to your hotel.

Here is a link to the Hong Kong MTR Corporation Limited with the complete schedule and the fare chart. It is possible to book tickets online up to 60 days ahead, however the tickets must be picked up later in Hong Kong:

Passengers are advised to arrive at Hung Hom Station 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time for exit formalities. The boarding gate closes 10 minutes before the train departs. The same applies for the return trip from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

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