Chapter 1 – Reasons You Should Attend Trade Fairs Regularly

Attending Chinese Trade Fairs is essential to maintaining a good relationship with existing suppliers and building new ones. The Chinese business culture favors frequent personal contacts with their overseas trading partners and meetings at Trade Fairs is one preferred method. Therefore, you are best advised to prepare yourself in order to make a favorable showing. Poor preparations can leave a negative impression about how your company conducts business.

Information Needed by Small to Medium Sized Businesses

This eBook assumes your company to be a small or medium size importer with an established customer base in your home country or a company interested in starting their own importing business but is lacking the necessary experience to do so.

Trade Fairs can Boost Company Profits

The biggest reason for starting an import business or increasing your import volume is to improve your company’s overall profit margin. The goal of this book is to help you do just that. This eBook will help you to make the right preparations making your Trade Fair visit successful.

Table of Contents