Chapter 1 – What is Quality and What is Quality Assurance?

For an importer the correct definition of quality is most probably the following one:

Quality is meeting or exceeding your customer’s expectations

In other words, regardless what you think that the quality of your imported products should be, your opinion pales in comparison to what your customer is expecting. Therefore, the customer’s definition of quality is the only one that counts.

Growing a successful import business means all of your efforts must focus on fulfilling your customers’ expectations.

What Quality Assurance Is

Quality assurance is a formal methodology designed to assess the quality of products or services provided.

Quality assurance includes formal review of carefully selected criteria that can be measured. It means the prompt identification of any problems that arise, taking corrective action to remedy any deficiencies, and evaluation that corrective action taken is effective.

Quality assurance implies that necessary precautions have been taken so that the entire production of a product or service is within specifications under a wide variety of operating conditions. This usually requires that the production process be mastered and monitored using measurable indicators. Throughout this eBook, I will often refer to the term “Supplier” which stands for a factory, the factory’s representative’s office, and a trading company (agent).

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