How to Import Commercial Goods from China

The Facts You Must Know About Importing From China

Insuring a successful import of commercial goods from China might seem like a daunting task at first. It is our belief that that should not be the case, whether you are a small start-up company or a well founded enterprise.

We can offer advice based on our more than 30 years of experience in shipping goods from China. This experience covers important and maybe vital information to confidently import highly profitable products made in China. You could try to go it all by yourself but you will find out soon that importing from China is much more than negotiating prices and delivery terms. Learning by experience will likely prove to be costly and time consuming when you could instead rely on the expert knowledge of insiders who have already made all the mistakes that you would like to avoid. We have already learned our lessons and believe us, they were sometimes quite costly.

What Will You Learn From Us?

Here is an overview but not limited to of what we will teach you before you take the first step towards importing from China:

  • What importers should know before they start with their importing
  • How to import from China
  • What to import and what not to import
  • Dealing with import regulations
  • How to deal with the Chinese business culture
  • Correctly preparing for an overseas business trip
  • How to efficiently travel in China to make most of your time
  • What to consider when visiting Trade Fairs in China
  • How to make factory visits more successful
  • Obtaining the quality products that your customers expect
  • What to do if something goes wrong

How Will We Teach You?

We have compiled all our accumulated knowledge into a series of following eight eBooks:

1. 7 Tips to More Successfully Import From China
2. How to Import From China More Successfully
3. How to Attend Chinese Trade Fairs More Effectively
4. How to Make Chinese Factory Visits More Successful
5. How to Prepare for China Business Trips More Effectively
6. How to Assure Quality Imports from China
7. How to Settle Factory Claims in China More Successfully
8. How to Make Business Negotiations in China More Successful

For more information about each eBook, simply navigate to our eBook page via the main menu above.