New affordable Membership Program for Importers of Chinese Products

Let's first start with problems that most of you, who are interested in importing from China, are facing at the beginning.

  • You already have an existing business and want to import your products by yourself to cut out the middleman but don't know how to find the right suppliers
  • You want to start importing from China but don't want to let your competitors know in order to gain a competitive edge over them
  • You want to import brand name products (often fakes) that you are not allowed to import
  • You know search engines like Alibaba , Global Sources etc., but may not trust their selection and get stuck
  • You don't know how to approach suppliers efficiently and how to ask the right questions to get results
  • You don't want to invest your money in too many expensive Far East Business Trips but need somebody of your confidence to do your job in China instead
  • You know that you may be in trouble if you don't have a quality control system in place, but don't know how to solve that problem
  • You really want to make money from your importing, but lack the knowledge to do it successfully and don't know whom to ask for help
  • You need assistance during your first import activities but are all alone by yourself
  • Since you lack the knowledge, you may be too naive in your dealings with experienced Chinese companies and may be ripped off without even knowing it

Does that sound familiar to you?

Watch the video now to learn what's in it for you when you register for our Membership Program for Importers of Chinese Products.

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