China plants boost automation to counter labor concerns

By Global Sources

Makers see long-term benefits in mechanizing tedious production processes.

Cost and efficiency benefits are prompting more China suppliers to switch to automated equipment in carrying out complex production processes.

Automation is helping to reduce reliance on manual work. This is critical amid the ongoing labor-related issues such as rising costs, high turnover and shortage in several manufacturing hubs in China. For one, the worker deficit is expected to persist in the next five years.

Shenzhen City Xin Lei Brush Produce Co. Ltd has raised efficiency by 15 percent through this strategy. Its full set of automated equipment, including a filling system and trimming machines, enables a single worker to complete 80 percent of a job done formerly by an entire team.

Using computerized painting equipment, Kaifeng Group Co. Ltd finishes 150 doors daily, up 50 percent from its preautomation output of 100. The supplier’s automated paint color mixing tool, meanwhile, results in greater color accuracy and surface consistency.

Meanwhile, automation efforts for Foxconn and other top-tier enterprises revolve around updating existing equipment or investing in intelligent but costly robots to replace workers.

Complete modernization and cost savings, however, will take at least five years, according to Liu Kai Ming, director of the Institute of Contemporary Observation.


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