Importers Should Know How Business is Done in China

It is much better for an importer to make sure that he has the necessary organization in place before any order is placed. Shipments including their documents, product quality and punctual delivery must be controlled on regular basis and for that you need your own specialists.

It is also important to build up some relationship with your manufacturers because that is how business is done in China.

One of the more often asked question by our clients is usually how to import goods and products from China  more professionally. Funny thing though because although they are committed they lack the necessary insider knowledge to give it a head start.

Newcomers to the import business believe that it will be a relatively easy job to do. Just visit some factories in China and select products from their showrooms or use one or more of the China products search engines and choose products that are on offer there.

Theoretically it might even work but unfortunately in most cases importers will fail if they proceed that way.

Factories in China do not have self-service shelves for you to select from but make products to order instead.

Many importers also think that only the lowest possible buying price is desirable neglecting quality, manufacturer’s performance and life cycle of certain products.

They also neglect their responsibility toward their own customers because not the factory in China but the importer will be held responsible if something goes wrong with an imported product.

Avoid too many “Me Too” products but look for unique products and even better if they have not been released to the market yet. You will never find such products during visits at one of the many trade fairs in China or browsing the China products search engines. Every manufacturer hides his new products and visiting him in person at his factory gives you the inside what he has in the pipeline.

Most importantly, go and do your homework first and learn the trades before you make your first steps into China. Greenhorns w/o insider knowledge will either not be taken serious or even taken advantage of which can be easily avoided if you prepare yourself accordingly.

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