Do not try to import products that everybody else is already importing

We have been often asked by our customers what kind of products they should import from China. Our answer always is what you might not expect it to be: “Do not try to import products that everybody else is already importing.”

Why is that so? It is because you usually will not have the chance to make good money with them and that is probably the main reason for importing goods and products from China.

You have to do some homework first and find out which products your customers want you to import for them from China.

Do you see the point? Do not try to import products that you consider best for your customers because you may be in for a big surprise when nobody wants your products that are sitting in your warehouse after they have arrived.

It is much better to look for products that have been already presold even before they arrive at your port. These could be products that are brand-new and nobody has imported them so far.

They are the real winners but they usually give you only an advantage of a couple of months or so until your competitors have followed. Our advice is to get out then and use the same strategy for other new products.

You will ask: “How do I find such products?” Don’t expect them to be shown on one of the China products search engines or at one of the numerous trade fairs in China. Manufacturers do not want to display real new products there because all of their competitors would also see them as well. The same applies to your competitors when they visit fairs or search for products online.

It may not be so convenient for you but visiting manufacturers in China is the only way to find these important new products. They may not even be shown in their factory showrooms but during your visits the factory’s managers are proud to introduce their latest products to you. It is most likely that they are only in the design stage at that time but that is exactly what you should be looking for.

With photos, specifications and perhaps some handmade samples you can already talk to potential customers in your home country and will have their immediate feedback.

If the first proper samples from the manufacturer are acceptable, you can start ordering these products and make money with them.

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