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Finding Suitable Suppliers in China

Identifying suitable suppliers in China is not easy because there are tens of thousands of them and you cannot visit everyone.

First of all, you must filter down to the suppliers which may have the products which you want to import.

Using Search Engines

There are several companies as for instance Alibaba, Global Sources, Global Market, Made-in-China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and others with high performance search engines that can help you sourcing products from China.

Establishing Communication

After you have browsed the sourcing search engines and narrowed your selection down to a handful of suppliers, you must start communicating with them for price inquiries and gathering information about new developments they have in their pipeline.

That is the more difficult task when sourcing products from China because you will find that some of the suppliers are slow in response or don't answer at all.

They receive many inquiries each day and select those that seem more promising to them. Especially when the inquiries are laid out in an unprofessional style, you will not receive an answer and who wants to blame them for it.

At this stage, you may not be aware that many of the companies in your search results (mostly the better organized ones) are not manufacturers but in fact are trading companies or agents. This is not necessarily bad if you are new to importing because they can provide services that the factory is unwilling to provide.

About Trading Companies

In China, it is all about buying power and volume and some big factories are reluctant to cooperate with small volume importers. That is where the trading companies come in because they do have volume from their larger number of customers with most factories in their area.

If you have a large enough buying volume, I strongly suggest you to buy directly from the factory, simply because it is cheaper. Also in case of a claim, you can more easily deal with the factory directly than through a middleman.

Since you will not be able to distinguish between a manufacturer and a trading company, you must directly ask them when you contact the first time.

Cooperate with a China Import Export Consultant

Cooperating with a specialized China Import Export consultancy is another preferable option for you. They are familiar with the markets both in China and overseas and can be a great help in sourcing products from China. They know how to contact suppliers, find product and you will alsoreceive better prices because they do not include any hidden commissions.

Specialists are in greater Demand

An import consultant combines the better of two worlds. He is familiar with the situation in China and also knows how to draw strings in his home country to pave the way for Chinese investors.
Germany Export Import specialists are in great demand due to the ever increasing trade volume between China and Germany. They can help overseas companies to become more profitable by jumpstarting their import business or streamlining it.
It is usually a lengthy process without insider knowledge and as we all know, time is money.

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