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Germany Export Import

Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy with an estimated trade surplus of approx. 210 billion US$ in 2012.

German-Chinese Economic Relationship flourishes
Despite the ongoing slow-down of the world economy, Germany was able to not only to maintain but even increase the bilateral trade volume with China in 2011 by remarkable 13.8%.
According to information from the German embassy in Beijing, more than 5000 German companies are presently operating in China.

Surge of Chinese Investments in Germany

An increasing number of Chinese companies are investing overseas and within the European Union Germany receives the major share of it. There are several ways investments are being initiated. It often starts with a joint venture which allows German companies to tap into the lower manufacturing costs in China by shifting part of their production to their Chinese joint venture partners.
Chinese companies however are seeking to invest in German companies to benefit from their know-how. It is no secret that the economic crisis has opened the doors for new opportunities for investors and fresh capital inflow is often very welcome.

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Klaus-Dieter Hanke

Change of Strategy

It seems that there is an ongoing change of strategy for overseas investments in China. In the past Chinese companies would invest mainly in countries with substantial natural resources as for instance in African countries in order to secure the supply for their industries.
Nowadays more money is being invested in already developed economies. International brand building and strengthening the investment capabilities of local companies are the main reasons for that new strategy.

Specialists are in greater Demand

An import consultant combines the better of two worlds. He is familiar with the situation in China and also knows how to draw strings in his home country to pave the way for Chinese investors.
Germany Export Import specialists are in great demand due to the ever increasing trade volume between China and Germany. They can help overseas companies to become more profitable by jumpstarting their import business or streamlining it.
It is usually a lengthy process without insider knowledge and as we all know, time is money.